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Newnan Flooring Sales

As your Newnan Carpet Retailer, Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville can sell you the type of flooring and amount of flooring that you need for your Home Flooring Project, or send a professional to your home to measure your floors and determine how much floor covering you will need to buy.  Whether you need Carpet, Hardwood & Laminate, or Vinyl Flooring in Newnan, we can handle any floor covering needs.


Newnan Flooring Installation

At the time of your purchase, Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville can arrange all the details of your flooring installation.  When a Professional Warehouse Carpets Estimator comes into your home to measure your floors, an estimate for installation can be generated.  Common questions that will affect the price of installation are:

  • Who Moves the furniture?
  • Will they move the piano?
  • What about moldings?
  • Who moves my water heater?
  • What if the sub-flooring is damaged?
  • Who removes the old carpet?
  • Do I need to supply anything?

Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville does not staff Professional Installers but Sub-Contracts all Installations to our Alliance Partners who are all Reliable, Professional Installation Sub-Contractors.

Carpet Care and Carpet Maintenance

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Follow these carpet care and maintenance steps regularly to ensure that your carpet continues to look as lovely in years to come as it does when you have it installed.

  • Use Preventative Maintenance to protect your investment before an accident occurs.
  • Vacuum to prolong the life and look of your floor.
  • Be prepared for the accidental Spots and Spills by Removing Spots and Spills.
  • Get regular care by a professional cleaning system - Overall Cleaning
  • Get the right cleaning equipment and do it yourself - DIY Cleaning
  • Find a product for Stain and Soil Removal or ask us about the best products on the market.
Flooring Manufacturers Available in our Warehouse

Choose from a variety of hardwood floor manufacturers when you visit Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville.