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Vinyl Flooring


Newnan Vinyl Flooring Sales

There is no floor more versatile and durable than vinyl flooring. Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to maintain. Vinyl flooring remains to be a popular floor covering choice for many residential and commercial spaces. One of its advantages is resiliency; thus it belongs to a category of floors called Resilient Floors.

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Newnan Vinyl Flooring Selections

Vinyl Flooring, compared to other flooring options, has many advantages; such as, its variety of colors and styles and custom designs (for instance, get your firms logo made into the pattern of a vinyl floor covering). Next, you get durability and resilience even when there is heavy foot traffic. Last and very important, it is easy to work vinyl flooring into your budget because it is relatively less expensive compared to other flooring types.

Vinyl Flooring Newnan comes in Vinyl Sheets and Vinyl Tiles.  Both can be installed without the help of a professional contractor; however, it would be helpful to have the help of a pro when installing Vinyl Sheets.  Vinyl Tiles are easy to install even without the help of a professional contractor.

The types of Vinyl Sheets on the market are layer-composite, inlaid, and homogenous.  Call us or browse our warehouse for a variety of designs and vinyl sheet products.

Vinyl Tiles, on the other hand, are made from PVC resins and plasticizers that make these flooring tiles waterproof and very durable. These come in different colors, styles and patterns (some resemble flooring types such as marble, wood strip, and inlaid wood). Our Newnan Vinyl Solutions are availaible in:
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  • Gay Vinyl Solutions
  • Grantville Vinyl Solutions
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  • Manchester Vinyl Solutions
  • Molena Vinyl Solutions
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  • Newnan Vinyl Solutions
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