"This is the second house they have put carpet in for Us. They did an awesome job! Joe was so great with me. I think I went in there 10 times with 3 different houses we were considering buying. After about a year we finally bought an old farmhouse and renovated it. The carpet in the bedrooms is perfect. They came a long way from Luthersville to do it. Great communication and such nice people."

-Laura Orr-

8400 Metropolitan II 826 Shadows available at Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville.

Newnan Carpet Flooring Selections

Come check out our Carpet For Sale in Newnan. We have carpet rolls and scraps in stock. Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville has carpet for commercial flooring use and home flooring use. The best part is that Warehouse Carpets has the best Carpet Solutions in Peachtree City, best prices in the surrounding area and our Carpet For Sale in LaGrange includes carpet flooring manufactured by:

Newnan Carpet Flooring Considerations

When considering your next Newnan Carpet Flooring, consider Carpet Fiber, Carpet Construction and Carpet Style.

Not sure which Carpet Fiber to choose? Consider how you will live in each room.

Nylon is the perfect solution for high traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs. If your Newnan Home houses pets and children or hosts a lot of events, Nylon is the fiber choice for your home.

Polyester is a good solution and good value for homes with normal traffic. It has a luxurious look and feel and comes in a great variety of colors and styles.

Olefin scores below nylon and polyester for wear ability, but offers good stain and moisture resistance. If choosing from loop pile construction, it can be a good choice. However, its styles and colors are limited.

Quality Carpet Construction

Quality Carpet Construction will affect the durability, appearance and price of the Newnan Carpet Flooring chosen and is influenced by the Twists of the Fibers and the Density of the Tufts. Your carpet life depends on the quality of the make.

Most residential carpet is manufactured as tufted carpet. Tufting machines work like over-sized sewing machines with hundreds of needles that insert loops of fiber (tufts) into the carpet backing and form the face pile of the carpet.

Twist refers to how tight the fiber has been twisted. Twist is especially important in cut pile carpet because the tips are exposed and can become untwisted. Untwisted carpet yarns give a matted and worn appearance. A tightly twisted carpet yarn is more likely to stand up to crushing and matting.

The carpet with the highest twist level is about 7-9 twists per inch (TPI,) and is most commonly known as Frieze Carpet.  An average cut pile carpet style only has between 3-6 twists per inch (TPI).

Density refers to the amount of fibers and how tightly packed together the fibers come within the carpet. The carpet is denser when the fibers are placed closer together. The higher density, the better it will wear and perform.

Carpet Density can be checked by placing a finger on the carpet fibers and reaching for the carpet backing. The harder it is to reach the backing, the denser the carpet. If you are checking the Carpet Density of an outward facing tuft, bend the carpet into a U-Shape and look at hour much carpet backing is visible. The carpet is denser when less backing shows.

Carpet Styles

Carpet Styles come in Cut Pile, Loop Pile, as well as Cut and Loop Pile.

Cut Pile Carpet has carpet fibers (yarns) that are cut at the ends. The soft feel of cut pile carpet makes it a perfect choice for the most homey and comfortable areas of your home, such as the bedrooms, living room and family room.

Cut Pile Carpet comes in Five (5) Basic Styles and each a different look and texture:

·  Velvet Cut Pile Carpet

·  Saxony Cut Pile Carpet

·  Frieze Cut Pile Carpet

·  Shag Cut Pile Carpet

·  Cable Cut Pile Carpet

The primary difference among these Cut Pile Carpet Styles is the amount of Twist in the Fibers (Carpet Yarns) that will ultimately influence the Carpet Durability.

Loop Pile has carpet fibers (yarns) that are looped and uncut on the carpet surface. The pile height can fluctuate from low, tightly constructed pile to a more luxurious high-level pile.

A popular style of Loop Pile Carpet is Berber, which can be constructed as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet.

Cut and Loop Pile has some cut piles and some that are not cut, in order to create a different surface look and feel. This combines good performance with deluxe comfort to add quality and texture to your home.

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